Frome Valley

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Disclaimer - this is my map, not one drawn by Thomas Hardy.

An approximation of the Frome Valley place names

Mellstock Church - St Michael's, Stinsford
Upper Mellstock - Higher Bockhampton
Lower Mellstock - Lower Bockhamton
Casterbridge - Dorchester
Durnover - Fordington (suburb of Dorchester, formerly semi-rural, semi-slum)
Longpuddle - Piddlehinton / Piddletrenthide
Weatherbury (Lower Longpuddle) - Puddletown
East Egdon / Alderworth - Affpuddle
Stickleford - Tincleton
Tolchurch - Tolpuddle
Roytown - Troytown
Charmley - Charminster
Rainbarrows - One of several barrows on the Heath
Egdon Heath - Black, and other, heaths
Warborne - Wimborne Minster

Knapwater House - Kingston Maurward is between Mellstock Church and Lower Mellstock.

Yes, I know that "Knapwater House" and its former inhabitants are anomalous in a milieu populated by the characters of Under the Greenwood Tree, Return of the Native and Far from the Madding Crowd.  But it's the name Hardy used (at least, once) for Kingston Maurward and it's just where I want it. So I'm keeping it.  Also gives me the chance to include Miss Aldclyffe, so there.  And also the water pump which provides the house with water - which reminds me of the one at Heligan. Within the Desperate Remedies  universe, Knapwater House is at Carriford.  But on the assumption that Carriford is kind-of based on Stinsford/Bockhampton, I've "moved" it to Mellstock for the purposes of this site.  I hope Thomas Hardy wouldn't mind.