Far from the Madding Crowd - 29 June 1858

Often the wisest courses in affairs of the heart belong not to the logical mind, but to the meanderings of an inflamed imagination.. The man  who,  looking long and deep into life sees only himself, is looking not into life but into a pond.  Or, in short, Hnaef brings more news from Weatherbury.

Apparently a soldier - one Sergeant Frank Troy - has appeared in the village and made a half-hearted and transparently flimsy attempt to help with hay-making. Hnaef finds this deeply obnoxious, presumably on the "pot and kettle" principle, but possibly also because our dashing Sergeant has been - as Hnaef so graphically puts it - "sniffing around" that Angel of the Cornmarket, Miss Bathsheba Everdene.  Hnaef says we should do something about it.  So do I.  I suggest we should make a start by minding our own business.

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