A regular pattern of worship - 13 June 1858

Second after Trinity

I've been missing the old pattern of worship since we were so rudely ejected from Husborne Crawley. The morning pouring out of beakers, and then their filling-up in the evening.

But I've made a discovery. I've been getting up to date on this Church of England business, and it turns out that their priests are expected to conduct Morning and Evening Prayer every day.
So I collared Maybold after the service this morning. And asked him if he's up to snuff on this one. And he confirmed that yes, he and Charlotte (Mrs Maybold) and their servant Sarah-Jane do indeed carry out their devotions regularly.

So I've informed him that he can start holding the services in church in future. And our servants up here have been told they can get their carcasses down there as well. The Hnaefs and I will ride in the Landau, of course. And I've asked Maybold to ensure the services are held at convenient times. Don't want anything too early.

Probably as part of his campaign to get me to hand over some loot for his restructuring plans, Maybold's arranged to send his wife round to see me tomorrow. Holy, good and diligent, apparently. Sounds exciting.

Anyway, looking forward to Evensong. Apparently they've been practising something to the tune of "Cambridge New". There's always a bit of excitement in Victorian England.

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