Single Mother of Five - 9 June 1858

We now see the element of folly distinctly disturbing healthy natural urges that make up the character of Mercy Onmey. Of whom there is good news - but also bad.

The good news is that Mercy's been delivered of a healthy boy. The bad, that she's in Casterbridge Union Workhouse again. One of these days she's going to have to tell everyone who the father is (or fathers are). Rumour has it that it's one or more of the Dewys, or possible a Smallbury from out Weatherbury way. But that's not narrowing it down too much.

In the 21st century we'd think Mercy was a fun-loving, normal woman of 33 or so. Maybe just about ready to settle down. In the 19th, they use some much harder words. And she's the mother of five.

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