Trendy Vicars - 27 June 1858

Fourth Sunday after Trinity 

Old Reuben Dewy in after Church this morning, livid about what we used to call in the 21st century a problem with a trendy vicar. I hadn't noticed anything amiss, but Parson Maybold put some candles on the table today instead of in the window. Apparently this is bad.

"First thing he did he was be hot and strong about parish matters. Then he had the font fixed. Then he threw the old quire out, neck and crop, and replaced it with an organ. Then he started wearing that surplice - like a gen'lman's smock..  Then he started having that Holy Communion every month. And now - now it's the candles on the table. I tell you, Lady Eileen - 'a baint goin' to stop till he's turnt hisself into the Pope!"

Now I've never really associated Reuben with deep religious feelings.  He goes to church, he moans incessantly that the "Old Quire" doesn't play anymore, he goes home.  But under that strain of Anglican middle-of-the-road reactionary conservatism., he gets quite upset about the dangers of "Popery".  Reuben's view is that we should have seen this coming in '40 - that his father William warned him - and that the Pope's legions are on the way.

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