Leaf in trouble

Someone really needs to keep a better eye on Thomas Leaf. He's been doing a good job of leaning over gates, sucking on a straw and talking yokel gibberish.
But he went one step too far today. We've roped him into the haymaking. Not that we let him into the fields that have  any sharp instruments, you understand.  But after too much cider for lubrication purposes, he went a bit haywire and started running round the field doing an impression of a dinosaur. 

Well, that's still rather controversial in this day and age.  Apart from it not being normal behaviour for a fully-grown half-wit in his mid 40s. Half the women in the field ran for cover while the other half ran for help. Long and short of it, before I could intervene he'd been hauled down to Casterbridge and stuck in the stocks for riotous behaviour.  He's out now, but he's not looking forward to the lecture he's going to get from the Reformed Methodists on the subject of a 6-day creation.


  1. Send him to Longbourn, dear Lady Eileen, we need all the help we can get preventing Mr Bingley's daily depradations. I am sure Big Sister and Miss Darcy have never given the six day creation a second thought and a dinosaur on our lawn might just be what we need.

  2. Thanks for the offer, Miss Tilney. However if I don't keep Leaf around I'm going to have no-one to dredge the Pumping Machine.