Moog the Obscure - 1 July 1858

Another telling off from Eileen, I'm afraid.
She keeps telling me, if we draw do things out of the ordinary we're only going to attract attention - the Press, the Royal Society, those odd rustics in the Three Tranters who sit around all day hoping something interesting might happen.
But I just found Mrs Maybold's harmonium so boring. And you have to keep pumping the foot-pedal. So it's hard work as well. And I wanted something a bit more modern.
So I ripped the electronics and the sound system out of the Porsche Cayenne, picked up a second-hand organ keyboard, and knocked it all together into a nice little synth.
After a couple of hours' practice I had the choir joining in to a nice bit of hip-hop, featuring a little sample loop of "When I survey" to Rockingham. And I was teaching Charley the lyrics to "Are 'Friends' Electric?" But Eileen got very grumpy. So I had to go and lock it up in the cellar. I sneak down there every now and then to go through a few Depeche Mode tracks, but it's murder getting the battery charged up.

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