No Popery - 18 July 1858

All sorts of tension down at St Michael's this morning.

Parson Maybold's High-Church principles seem to have really got up some people's noses. We thought when we turned up that there was a certain atmosphere about the place. And it turns out that's because somebody nipped in before the service and nicked all the candles, in a attempt to stop Maybold putting them on the Communion table again.

I don't really see why this has caused so much fuss, but Maybold was livid. I'm not sure if it was deliberate, but I noticed during the "Let us pray" section of the proceedings he referred to others generally living up to the example of "Mary the mother of...." and left it hanging in the air quite some time before concluding with "Our Lord". The Dewy clan were on edge thinking he was going to say finish it in another, far more Catholic, way.

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