Clym's Ambitions - 22 June 1858

Nice to see Clym Yeobright again. We met him wandering across the Heath earlier, deep in thought as to how Unitarian theology might be brought to bear on the human condition. Clym tells me he's lost the Trinitarian belief of his youth, but can't give up faith completely. So he's joined the Unitarian chapel down in Casterbridge. I don't think his Mum would approve, but I'm starting to warm to Clym. It sounds like Unitarianism is going the same way as the Beaker Folk ended up - a vague sense of the divine and no hard-and-fast moralities. I wonder if he's thought of using tea lights in worship?
Established in his new place of worship, Clym's starting to think of training for the Ministry up in London. I hope he doesn't go. Firstly, who would want a nice guy to go to London these days? It stinks. And secondly, I'm rather warming to him. Balding, thoughtful chaps seem to be just my type these days.

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