Like the First Morning - 23 June 1858

I can see we're going to have to be careful with Mrs Hnaef.

I was walking past the church earlier when I heard choir practice. Nice to hear of an evening, of course. But they were learning a new song. Sure, that's good. I mean, it's 1858. A big hymn-writing period, particularly if you're into sentimental slush. Hymns Ancient and Modern is going to be the next big thing, in two or three years. And it's only last year that "Jingle Bells" was published.
But still. The point is they're all coherent, consistent with the time period.
"Morning has broken" sticks out like a sore thumb. We'll need to do something before she tries to launch them on "Lord of the Dance". It's the wrong era, and there's still some people round here take Christianity seriously.

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