Darwin - 17 June 1858

I receive a letter from Mr Charles Darwin. He and Mr Wallace are engaged to read papers on the Theory of Evolution at the Linnean Society next month. I had previously sent to him a letter enclosing a sample of the correspondence generated on the Internet after Professor Dawkins had closed his forum.
Mr Darwin informs me he understands why I am concerned about the consequences should the Theory of Evolution be popularised, but on the other hand (a) if he doesn't publish somebody else will, (b) it's true and (c)  he doesn't see why he should pass up getting his face on the bank-notes just because of a bunch of sad-act anoraks. I'm surprised to hear Mr Darwin use such terms. But I can appreciate that this is a parallel universe to the one I'm used to.

And he very kindly sent me a recipe for Giant Tortoise Soup. So not a total loss, then.

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