Mr Shiner - 16 June 1858

Every time I go to church it ends up with more visitors coming round after a day or two.

This afternoon it was Mr Shiner the churchwarden coming round, wearing his best ring and watch chain. A rather odd visit - he called as "the farmer next door", which of course he is, and spoke of "potential future common interests", whatever he though they were. Then told me all about his brewing activities - which would have been of more interest to a technical person than to the layperson in my opinion. Obviously, one has a brew house of one's own - wherein our Kate produces some fairly inspiring brews, if Hnaef is to be believed - but that's as far as my interest goes. Mead and Cider have always been my special interest, as more agricultural and less industrial. But in this era, that goes without saying.
Anyway, an oily and devious chap, Mr Shiner. It was only after he'd spent an hour explaining his method of grinding barley that I realised it was his way of flirting with me. So I sent him off with Hnaef to inspect the latest earth closet that the Vicar of Durnover had delivered to us this morning in the second guest facilities. And then retired upstairs with a fit of the vapours.

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