I wish, I wish

There is in music a depth, an inner truth. Its sentiments, finely balanced between joy and sorrow, can wring emotion from the hardest and most cynical, heightening their joys and yet refining their pains.

Or, in short, I've learnt a new song from Kitty. Young Kitty, whom you may remember is the charming maid who carries the milking pail, has introduced me to the rather poignant song "I wish, I wish".  The story of a young lady in the family way, whose former lover has gone on to pastures new.

I wish, I wish, but 'tis all in vain
I wish I were a maid again
But a maid again I ne'er can be
Till apples grow on an orange tree

It's been truly said, in this time and place at least, that it's the Woman who pays. At least, until the local authorities catch up with the father.And a poignant reminder of young Mercy Onmey, with her five illegitimate children. There's actually far more of this kind of thing about that you might imagine, given the stereotypes of Victorian days that were common in the 20th and 21st centuries.
But back to Mercy's children, even though they're now under our protection on the Estate, Mr Maybold is still refusing to baptise them.

Something really must be done.

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