Radical new ideas - 20 June 1858

Third after Trinity

Much alarm in the Parish today. Mr Maybold has introduced monthly Communion! People aren't happy. The general view is that, if God hadn't meant us to have Morning Prayer followed by Litany followed by Ante-Communion, he wouldn't have made mornings so long. And what is wrong, they are asking, about having to say the Lord's Prayer five times of a Sunday morning? If it was good enough for Our Lord then it's good enough for us.

Fine, upstanding Anglicans that they are by upbringing, Hnaef and Daphne were straight up the front to receive communion. Making about five in total. Nobody else really quite sure what to do.  After all, they all made their Communion at Easter and weren't planning another one till round about Michaelmas.

After the service, Maybold asking whether I will be prepared to receive next month - show a good example. When I told him that I didn't think I would be allowed, being a member of the Extremely Primitive Methodists, he looked quite ashen. And shook like an aspen. An ashen aspen, perhaps? In short, he was shocked. So he shook.  With shock.

I received a letter later, suggesting I might like to consider Confirmation. It's a possibility. But I'm sure I've already received that, at the hands of Revd Elias Scrump in Aspley Extremely Primitive Methodists' Chapel a hundred and thirty-two years in the future - a couple of decades before I became an Archdruid. And I think that my confirmation will be perfectly acceptable when I arrive at the Pearly Gates and I don't see why I might need another.  Also, Maybold might not believe my baptism certificate. But on the other hand - if I don't then I, as one of the leading figures in the village, will have to sit and watch while everyone else (that agrees with the concept) goes forward.  What a dilemma.

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