Fall of Troy

I should say that Hnaef took the opportunity of having a quiet word with Troy yesterday. He pointed out that we have among the dwellers in our demesne two young ladies to whom Troy owes amends - for two children in one instance, and for one on the way in the other.
Hnaef informed Troy that he, Troy, would ensure maintenance would be forthcoming for the support of said Troy-lets. And although we do not have DNA testing, we do have steel-capped boots and a signed admission of responsibility.Clearly Troy didn't understand the reference to DNA, but he certainly understands the concept of steel-capped boots.

Meanwhile, the design of Carnac II is going well.  Rather than scaling down the size of the stones to fit the whole arrangement in, we've gone for representing just a chunk of the whole - which will still provide a line of stones the length of the estate. Little Tommy Hardy's produced a lovely sketch, so now we just need the stone. Portland's too expensive even for us, so we need a cheap alternative. 

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