The Queen is Dead

As the early wheat harvest gets under way, I head into town with Mr Manston the steward, bearing some samples of the new crop to get in some early trading.

The Corn Exchange has a different atmosphere now that the former Miss Everdene is married. The frisson of sexual tension has lessened. Who will now represent the Troy family in the round of buying and selling remains to be seen. But our assumption is that it probably won't be the lady of the house.  The Queen of the Cornmarket is no more - but who will be her successor?

On the subject of the Troys, Fanny Robin is growing larger with every day that passes.  The architect seems to be quite fond of her and has been round writing poetry again. I told him to push off and draw some gurgoyles earlier - she's enough on her hands without some dodgy architectural assistant driving her up the wall.

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