Lammas - 1 August 1858

Lammas day - something or another after Trinity

So I bake a special wheat loaf.  Well actually, no I don't.  Why keep a dog and bark yourself?  I get Mrs Morris to bake a special wheat loaf.  And I take it down to church nice and early before Morning Prayer and ask Mr Maybold,
"Should I bring it up during the service or do you put them all on the altar before the service?"
and he says,
"Bring what?"
and I say,
"The Lammas Loaf"
and he says,
"The what for what?"
and I tell him - this is an agricultural community, in touch with the rhythms of nature, with wisdom going back millennia.  The warp and the weft of life, fingers in the soil, sunrise sunset swiftly flow the years.  You've gotta have a Lammas Loaf.  And he asks if I've had a couple.
Turns out they're not as deeply rooted in the seasons as I thought.  In fact, as far as Revd Arthur Maybold is concerned, today's just some Sunday after Trinity.
So we had it toasted this lunchtime.  Quite nice.  Think I'll celebrate Lammas more often.

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